Jan 24, 2011

The Beauty of Frost

One of the reasons I love hunts is because while you are jumping from sim to sim, in search of the hidden items for the hunt; you can see some truly amazing areas of beauty.   The Seasons hunt lead me to the Frost sim, where the Fall into Decay store is located. 
When you first land in the sim, you will find yourself in a little cottage style house, where you have the option of tping to several areas in the sim.  Hunting down that darn snowman (the hunt item in the Seasons hunt), gave me the opportunity to also see what sim owners had done with their sim.
The first place I headed was to tp over to the ground floor.  Down there, the owners have created a space that has an ethereal/fantasy atmosphere.  You will find some really cute little bunnies and alot of beautiful foliage and flowers there.  It didn't take long for me to find a spot that appealed to me and start flipping through my windlight settings to see what it would look like with different lighting.
Using Fine Day Windlight setting
(Side note:  I didn't photoshop or touch up any of these photos but, instead relied on the windlight settings to create the looks.)
Used the FSOriginal windlight setting here
 The next area I jumped up to was the Alirium Gardens.  You will land in the store area and see a light filled doorway.  Go to the light and find the beauty here.  It opens up into a spring type garden, that is filled with butterflies and beams of warm light.
Fine Day windsetting still being used

Now, I was a bit of a goose here and realized I could  not find the right tp to go back up to the main landing point, so I had to use the lm for the Frost sim to get back up.  When I finally was back in the cottage, I walked out of the house and down the boardwalk.  The reason for the sims name is here...among the many trees, laden down with frost on their branches, creating a world filled with crystal and light.
Using AnaLutetia-studio windsetting here
Continue down the boardwalk, enjoying the splendor of the winter forest around you till you reach the bottom and find not only the store (yes, I finally found the snowman) but, a land filled with grass, trees and animals, that are glistening with the frosty air.
Using A-12PM windlight setting on this scene
12-PM still from the other side of the area.
 The thing about this sim and the way it's been set up, with your windlight settings, it's easy to create a wide variety of looks and appearances here.  This is a terrific spot for photographers to get some really creative works of art done or for explorers to just wander around in. 


Evion Ember said...

Love, love, love the pictures absolutely scrumptious!

Evion Ember said...

Ok, so after I commented last night(when I should have been in bed)lol, I just wanted to add.....I love the whole blog aspect of traveling in sl. I am such a hermit, I hardly ever get out of my little abode. But ever since I have started to blog, I have been at a loss for pretty landscape and amazing build's, which designers put forth a ton of work. So your blog is very informative and well written.....and has pretty pictures lol, So thank you Leigh, and I can't wait for more :D