Jan 8, 2011

Feeding the Fashion Addict in me

Yesterday, I was passed a little notecard for some nice deals.  I'm in way too many groups, who love to pass these types of note cards around like trading cards.  I have to send a big thank you to Huntaholics and More for helping feed my shopping addiction, with some amazing finds and discoveries, with free gifts and group gifts from stores.  My inventory is groaning and threatening to spill over and I thank them all, for helping me get it to the state it is.  
The note card was for the Designers Showcase, which shows off some wonderful works from some very talented creators.  I ended up discovering **[Riddle]**, a creator through the Showcase, that I'm totally in love with.  The designs are fresh, clean and simple, with textures that are of an amazing quality.  

I love this look and the cost was minimal to create it.  The hair is from Exile, their TDR exclusive that is available this week for 65L(?).  The skin is from Natural Beauty(formerly known as Tik Tok), who is a guest creator over at TDR where you will find this skin for 60L.  The sleek ankle boots, that matched this outfit perfectly, is from MJS, which I picked up during their Christmas Bow Hunt for 0L.  The dress was only 99L, which is a steal at the Designer Showcase.  The shape is actually mine, which I created ages ago when I was bored one day, so it's not available anywhere but, hit me up if you really want it and I'm always happy to pass it over.
Now I'm off to go find the next deals that I know have been arriving, my email is getting loaded again so I know have some looking around to do.  
**Note** If you wish to get the shape, please send a notecard.  I get capped so badly, from all the subscribos I'm signed up on.  lol

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