Jan 8, 2011

aDIVA closing

Alas, RL can sometimes call us away and in the case of aDIVA, that has occurred.  Sadly, after January 31st, the store will be closed and the creator will be leaving SL.   Before that happens though, all items in the store have been marked down by 50% off and gives everyone a chance to pick up some amazing designs.  A little note, this is a very popular store, so there is lag when you go in, due to the amount of customers that have are shopping.  My advice is to drop all those extra prims and scripts before you go over, it will help cut down on the lag and allow you to move around a little better without those dragging you down.
As you can see from the photos of the outfits I picked up, the quality and designs are amazing and sharp looking.  There is a nice variety of styles for including some amazing formal wear, wedding gowns, lingerie, casual, semi-casual and beach wear.  At 50% off these wonderful creations, it's well worth jump over to aDIVA for one last look before the store is closed.

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