Jan 13, 2011

OMG! 40 Groups

**Please scroll to bottom for special note on increased group limit and instructions for viewers without the option of higher group allotment.**
As some may remember, back in October it was announced that LL will finally be giving the long requested increase in the groups.  No date was given when it would arrive but, many have been waiting in high anticipation for the increase, yours truly being one of those people.  Well, the long awaited and anticipated allowance of 40 groups has finally arrived on the grid! (does a little happy dance).  When I logged on today, in the Huntaholics and More group, there was an announcement on the arrival of the allowance and how to activate it, if you were using the Phoenix viewer.  Yay!
If you are using the LL Viewer 2.0, you won't have to enable anything, it will automatically be set up for the increase in the groups.  But on viewers like Phoenix, you may have to go to the Debug settings and type in phoenix40Groupsupport and set it to True.  After doing that, you will have to relog, for the setting to activate.  Despite checking out the wiki's of both Imprudence and Ascent, I have sadly found no mention in either one of their wiki's, on if they have made the adjustments to allow for 40 groups in their viewers.  I'm hoping that they have, for the sake of their users, they have created an option to allow for it but, till I hear more mention of it, I'm going to assume at this time that they do not have it.  
Now that we have the group allotment increased, I do wonder if some of those stores out there that have fees to join their group, will waive the fee for a short period of time, for those who could not join since our group slots were filled or if they will at least have a discounted fee.  I doubt some would consider it and in fact I did find one group that I was going to join, instead had hiked their fee up by an incredible amount.  I'm not sure if that will be a trend with some of the stores but, for those that do that, I will just be avoiding them in the future probably.  Most though won't go with that option and for those, I will be looking to happily join your group, since the only thing that held me back was not enough room for groups in the past.  
I do have one question though...will 40 groups be enough for some of us?  lol

**As of January 12, LL decided to change their mind and instead of 40 groups, we received a 42 group allotment.  I'm adding this note since they pushed the limit a little higher.  The downside of this though is that Phoenix, Ascent and Emergence (I did find that Emergence also allows for the group increase), are all set for 40 groups since that was the announced number originally by LL.  At this present point and time, the only viewer that you can ADD 42 groups on, is the LL V.2.  There is a workaround for those who need it.  For those using the 1.23 viewer, snowglobe or one of the viewers that have not had the extra code to add the higher amount, if you go onto V.2 and add a group, then jump back to say snowglobe...you keep the group.  It will mean that you have to add the groups by jumping on and off to get them but, you will be able to enjoy the higher amount and still keep the viewer that you normally enjoy.  If you leave a group and want to join again, you will have to pop over to the 2.0, if it's over the 40 limit.  If you are under the 40 limit though, please remember that Ascent, Phoenix and Emergence can do it also.**

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