Oct 18, 2010

A fun toy for SL and Bloggers

While wandering around Second life, I've been seeing alot of little things to help enhance, enrich or just have fun with, in SL.  There seems to be a gadget or hud(heads up display) for something and anything you can thing up.  Gadgets and HUDS are usually things that attach to you or your screen that is scripted to do an action or keep track of something for you.
I have to admit to my very favorite HUD is the Mystitool.  I never leave home without that baby attached to my screen.  It's multi-functional and I have found it to be one of the handiest tools that are in my inventory.  It has an avatar radar on it, which lets you know who is around you and how far away they are from you.   A platform rezzer, great for builders, a face emoter which when taking pictures is nice to have to control your avatars expressions, a bug scanner, an anti-griefer tool and a variety of other things that are too numerous to list all at once.  I picked it up when I first came into SL, for free.  There is a free model and then there is the one that you purchase.  I've personally never replaced mine for the full version since I'm pretty happy with the free version.
There is also HUDS for games, for combats, for hunting and today I just found one that is for Blogging.  I actually found that one through the twitter account that I have.  Someone twittered about it and I, being the curious person I am, followed the link.  Like the Mystitool, there is a free version and a full version, which costs 1500L (ouch).  Feeling adventurous, I logged onto SL through the link on the site and low and behold I had my BlogHUD attached and running in no time at all.  Super easy to use and very nice to have, the only thing about the free version is that it blogs only to the BlogHUD site.  The full version though is capable of blogging to Blogger, twitter, Wordpress, Livejournal and a couple of other popular sites.  With the full version, you can add pictures to your posts and cross post to your different account on the blogs.
Am I liking this new little application?  Oh, you betcha I am!  Will I be forking over the 1500L for the full version?  Well, only time will tell on that but, I can say this much...I am enjoying blogging as I'm wandering around SL without having to even leave SL to give out my thoughts.
I do have to admit, it's a great tool for designers, store owners, hunt organizers, event organizers and anyone who deals constantly with the public.  You can continually keep in touch with your customers with very little effort and with alot of ease.  
To find out more about my new little toy, you can find the site for BlogHUD here.
My recommendation, try out the free version.  Sign up to the BlogHUD site for your own page and see what it does and how it works before making the commitment to buy the full version.   My opinion is already that this is a great tool, especially for the very active bloggers and something that would be used alot but, I have to be honest, that the price tag on this does make me hestitate a little, since it is pretty high for a gadget.  
To find my page on BlogHUD, just go here, and you will see what I am up to or even some of the finds that I am coming up with as I travel around.

Oct 12, 2010

Halloween Fun @ Sassy Kitty Designs Mainstore

While doing some hunting, one of my friends in Huntaholics and More, announced that one of my favorite stores was doing some scrumptious spoiling for her subscribers.  Sassy Kitty Designs, had set up their mall and store for Halloween and was giving away a bunch of delicious gifts.  Amelia(my friend), was so very kind to tp my tush over as quick as possible over to the store to partake in some very serious inventory loading.  Oh yes, this was a massive, gleeful, squeal inducing moment for me, since Sassy Kitty has many items out for her loyal customers.  
If you are not already signed up to her subscriber, now is the time to walk into that store and tap that board.  The items that she has set out on little hay carts are just to die for and if you are in the subscriber, it's free for you.  After tapping the subscriber, go browse and look at what she has..there is 5 carts that are in front of her store, filled with goodies to be had by all.
After having way too much fun filling my goodie bag with treasures, I went into the Halloween store she has set up near her main store and of course, could not resist grabbing the Romantic Empire Dress that I found there.  That you do have to pay for but, it was irresistible, as are the different items that are available there..except the Halloween teddy bear..he was free and you know I tucked him happily under my arm, before jumping on my broom to head off once more.
Romantic Empire Dress w/my Teddy taking a ride on my broom
*A little side note:  The broom is from Hopscotch.  She updated her broom recently so it's even nicer than before..if that was possible and the pumpkin is changeable, with several designs to choose from.  Hold  onto your chair though..she is only charging 50L for this.*
I do believe that this have really brought me up into the proper Halloween spirit, though Wilbur(yes, I named the Teddy Bear!), did seem to be a little nervous on his first flight.
Baroque Dress
 Is this hot or what?!  They had better be ready for me in the next Halloween party because this sure is going to turn heads!
Cascade dress
The Cascade dress is given in a fat pack.  The colors available are black, white and red.  This is just sexy as heck but, the lines are nice and simple, so a very complimentary piece that should be in your inventory.  It's not set for just Halloween either, this can be worn all year round.
Cutie Dress
Yes, it's actually a dress though it can be worn with or without the tights.  It's very into the season though there is an option of a regular skirt so it can be worn pass Halloween!
Corset black jeans w/folded Halloween top
There are several pants available on the carts but, I have to admit that this is one of my favorites there.  Mix and match is just great since it is what gives you versatility and you can create several different looks with just a few pieces.  The folded Halloween top comes in a fat pack, which gives you quite a few different choices.  When I opened it, I could not believe how many tops she included in the box.  
Cute Argyle outfit
Hot, sexy and just gorgeous are the first words that came to mind when I put this together.  You just have to love this look for wherever you want to go, either dancing, exploring, shopping or relaxing with friends.
These are just a taste of the wonderful goodies to be found over at Sassy Kitty Designs.  To see all of them, I suggest jumping on over and enjoying yourselves with the amazing things she has!
All I can say to Sassy Kitty is a giant thank you and Happy Halloween!

Oct 11, 2010

A Store Called Bleh!

Today, when I logged into SL I had my usual group of announcements to go through.  As a rule, there is normally about 8-10 of them to scan and read.  It's normal, as is my normal practice of just scanning through the messages and notecards quickly and then depositing them into my inventory to glance through them later if I find more time.  Today I had one that seem to catch my attention.  It wasn't a notecard but, just a group message with a landmark to follow.  One of the members in the Huntaholics group had come across this quaint store and was kind enough to pass the information to the rest of us in the group.  
Curiousity piqued, since there was mention of some nice freebies to be found, I hopped on over to find not only a quaint store but, some really cute styles to drool and fawn over.  Yes, I now have a few more outfits in my burgeoning inventory but, that is besides the point.  Everything in this store is free.  I double checked and then triple checked to make sure that I was reading the prices right and it's true.
The designs are appealing, versatile pieces, that you can mix and match with ease, with other items that are already in your inventory.  There was leggings, casual pants, t-shirts(long and short sleeved), a lady bug costume, some sweet dresses..you get the general idea.  Unbelievably, it is all free and the quality is amazing.
I did have a little chat with the owner, Marcillia Bumblefoot and found that she is a new designer who loves to help people and is just a really nice lady, who is very talented.  She explained that her store is very new and that the one half is for the women, while the other half of the store, is waiting to be filled with the men's clothing that she is planning on doing in the near future.  Since she does not charge for the items in her store, she does rely on donations to help her but, that is on a voluntary basis and whatever you can afford to donate.  Since I did have alot of  fun shopping in her store, I did donate some L's, especially with the quality being so nice.
To give a little idea of the style of her clothes, I did take a few pictures to give an idea of a couple of the styles available in Bleh.
Long sleeve shirt w/leggings
Babydoll dress
As you can see, the style and quality of the textures are very good!  I highly recommend this store and look forward to seeing what she comes up with for the men's side.  Here is the limo for your trip and enjoy!

Oct 9, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go!

As I mentioned before in the previous post, I love Halloween.  Without fail or hesitancy on my part, I have already dove into the Happy Halloween season in the best manner I know how to, by doing the Halloween hunts.  The very first one that I hit was the SL Discovery hunt.  This is their second time around doing this hunt and it is very organized.  The gifts were not only wide in variety but, the quality of the store were quite nice.  To see some of the gifts that are being offered, they have set up a thread showing some of their things off.  To enter into their group inworld, you do have to contact one of the officers to request an invite but, it's worth it since this is not the only hunt they run through the year.
The next hunt that I hit was the Stalkers Hunt.  It's a short and sweet little hunt that includes 20 stores and can be done easily in a couple of hours.  A new friend of mine, Aaragon and I; went on this hunt together and had a blast running through the stores.  A little special note though about this hunt..it's an adult hunt so you do have to be verified to go to some of the stores.  The hunt has a blog for hints, which can be found here.
The next hunt up is one that I am presently still working on at this time.  The Pumpkin Prints Hunt is back, for a second year in a row and there was no way I was missing this one.  I did it last year and had a fabulous time and found some amazing gifts.  Alot of the items that are being given away are clothes for Halloween, including some cute costumes.   It is a long hunt, with 191 stores participating in it but, the pumpkins are easy to find.  I did take a little time off from it though today, to take a few pictures of some of the gifts that are from the first 4 stores.
Pumpkin Print Hunt item
While hunting I did see this little kitty guarding the hunt item.  It's such a cute picture and it does show what you are looking for, I just could not resist.  Yes, I'm a sucker for a cute kitty!
First stores gift
The very first store gets you into the proper gear for hunting, with this cute Halloween t-shirt and some comfy jeans.  I was really impressed with these, since they are hand done and the texture on them is just fabulous.  I think I just found my favorite jeans and top!
Second stores gift
The second store gives you a handy purse to stuff all your goodies in, with a matching leopard print headband, collar, arm and leg wraps.  By jove, I think I'm starting to really look styling here.  That purse is adorable!
Third stores gift
With the third store, I'm no longer just styling in this number but, very hot and sexy looking.  Slap on some strappy sandals, a little necklace for glitter and I'm ready for anything in this.
Fourth Stores gift

Keeping in the Halloween mood, the fourth store was kind enough to gift us with this chair, table and crystal ball.  Looking deeply into my new crystal ball, I was able to determine that the hints for the following stores can be found here.  Wow, this thing is amazing!  I wonder if it would work for the lottery also and help give me a few really good numbers....I'll have to find that out later, since I have a hunt to finish still.
There is a large selection of hunts that are presently going on right now, from grid wide hunts to sim/store hunts.  To find a list of these hunts and more, I suggest dropping over to SL Hunts and checking them out.

Oct 5, 2010

And Let the Scaring Fun Begin!

It's that time of year again in SL, with the ghost and ghouls roaming, witches and zombies playing, and the vampires are feeling comfy coming out of their crypts.  It's Halloween this month and there is some amazing things to see and experience on the grid!  I do have to admit that I am biased, it is one of my favorite times and I do love the mood on some of the sims.  People are having a wonderful time decorating, or hunting, or dancing in the wildest costumes.  Halloween seems to transport many of us back to the days, where life was to be taken in a lighter mood and smiles were much easier to come by.  So on that note, I have a few pictures this time around that I snapped as I wandered around and enjoyed some of the decorations.

Pumpkin Town

 The first place is Pumpkin Town, where you can shop, dance and they are doing a hunt presently, for the season.  Some amazing decorations were here and I loved looking around and poking my head in the pumpkin shaped stores they had.

Haunted Coal Mine
The next stop was the Haunted Coal Mine, where you can be lowered into the ground and take a ride in the coal mine, to be surprised at different corners by a variety of ghosts and ghouls. 

Halloween @ Old Europe Village
Halloween @ Old Europe Village
Old Europe Village is not only for Halloween but, just beautifully picturesque.  You get the atmosphere of Halloween here, while you enjoy taking a nice walk through the village or going for a nice slow dance with that special someone. 

Halloween by Pondlife
What is Halloween, without Pondlife giving you a big hand in decorating and getting your place ready for all those Trick-or-Treaters that will soon be arriving?!  An amazing amount of choices and ideas can be found here, from some very colourful pumpkins, to animated spiders to walk around and startling your little monsters, all at super reasonable prices.

Adoption Agency Halloween Haunts
What is Halloween without the scary stories though?  Well, over at Adoption Agency Halloween Haunts you can sit and enjoy a story, that will be told each day.  Sponsored by CPS (Child Protective Services) and [Next Gen Inc.] Adoption Agency. All this month there will be scary story reading in the spirit of Halloween. Readings will be conducted at [Next Gen Inc.] Haunted House.

Village of Nyght
 If you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and/or J.P. Lovecraft, then a visit to the Village of Nyght should be a must for your Halloween fun!  Wonderfully done and spooky, it has a castle for each of these authors, for you to wander around in and explore.

Innsmouth Village
A hauntingly spooky sim, Innsmouth Village is heavily influenced by J.P. Lovecraft.  A walk through this village will definitely get you in the mood for the season and give you a few shivers to enjoy.

DarkDharma Haunted Manor
To help complete the season, you really do have to take a little stroll through DarkDharma Haunted Manor.  The fog, the strolling ghost and tons of visitors make it worth the experience.

Bentham Manor
Bentham Cemetery
Over at Bentham Manor you can stroll through this amazingly haunted sim and enjoy the sites.  Many of the decorations here can also be purchased, so if you fall in love with the psychotic Alice in Wonderland; for example, you can take her home to meet Mom and liven up your own house with her.