Oct 18, 2010

A fun toy for SL and Bloggers

While wandering around Second life, I've been seeing alot of little things to help enhance, enrich or just have fun with, in SL.  There seems to be a gadget or hud(heads up display) for something and anything you can thing up.  Gadgets and HUDS are usually things that attach to you or your screen that is scripted to do an action or keep track of something for you.
I have to admit to my very favorite HUD is the Mystitool.  I never leave home without that baby attached to my screen.  It's multi-functional and I have found it to be one of the handiest tools that are in my inventory.  It has an avatar radar on it, which lets you know who is around you and how far away they are from you.   A platform rezzer, great for builders, a face emoter which when taking pictures is nice to have to control your avatars expressions, a bug scanner, an anti-griefer tool and a variety of other things that are too numerous to list all at once.  I picked it up when I first came into SL, for free.  There is a free model and then there is the one that you purchase.  I've personally never replaced mine for the full version since I'm pretty happy with the free version.
There is also HUDS for games, for combats, for hunting and today I just found one that is for Blogging.  I actually found that one through the twitter account that I have.  Someone twittered about it and I, being the curious person I am, followed the link.  Like the Mystitool, there is a free version and a full version, which costs 1500L (ouch).  Feeling adventurous, I logged onto SL through the link on the site and low and behold I had my BlogHUD attached and running in no time at all.  Super easy to use and very nice to have, the only thing about the free version is that it blogs only to the BlogHUD site.  The full version though is capable of blogging to Blogger, twitter, Wordpress, Livejournal and a couple of other popular sites.  With the full version, you can add pictures to your posts and cross post to your different account on the blogs.
Am I liking this new little application?  Oh, you betcha I am!  Will I be forking over the 1500L for the full version?  Well, only time will tell on that but, I can say this much...I am enjoying blogging as I'm wandering around SL without having to even leave SL to give out my thoughts.
I do have to admit, it's a great tool for designers, store owners, hunt organizers, event organizers and anyone who deals constantly with the public.  You can continually keep in touch with your customers with very little effort and with alot of ease.  
To find out more about my new little toy, you can find the site for BlogHUD here.
My recommendation, try out the free version.  Sign up to the BlogHUD site for your own page and see what it does and how it works before making the commitment to buy the full version.   My opinion is already that this is a great tool, especially for the very active bloggers and something that would be used alot but, I have to be honest, that the price tag on this does make me hestitate a little, since it is pretty high for a gadget.  
To find my page on BlogHUD, just go here, and you will see what I am up to or even some of the finds that I am coming up with as I travel around.

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