Oct 9, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go!

As I mentioned before in the previous post, I love Halloween.  Without fail or hesitancy on my part, I have already dove into the Happy Halloween season in the best manner I know how to, by doing the Halloween hunts.  The very first one that I hit was the SL Discovery hunt.  This is their second time around doing this hunt and it is very organized.  The gifts were not only wide in variety but, the quality of the store were quite nice.  To see some of the gifts that are being offered, they have set up a thread showing some of their things off.  To enter into their group inworld, you do have to contact one of the officers to request an invite but, it's worth it since this is not the only hunt they run through the year.
The next hunt that I hit was the Stalkers Hunt.  It's a short and sweet little hunt that includes 20 stores and can be done easily in a couple of hours.  A new friend of mine, Aaragon and I; went on this hunt together and had a blast running through the stores.  A little special note though about this hunt..it's an adult hunt so you do have to be verified to go to some of the stores.  The hunt has a blog for hints, which can be found here.
The next hunt up is one that I am presently still working on at this time.  The Pumpkin Prints Hunt is back, for a second year in a row and there was no way I was missing this one.  I did it last year and had a fabulous time and found some amazing gifts.  Alot of the items that are being given away are clothes for Halloween, including some cute costumes.   It is a long hunt, with 191 stores participating in it but, the pumpkins are easy to find.  I did take a little time off from it though today, to take a few pictures of some of the gifts that are from the first 4 stores.
Pumpkin Print Hunt item
While hunting I did see this little kitty guarding the hunt item.  It's such a cute picture and it does show what you are looking for, I just could not resist.  Yes, I'm a sucker for a cute kitty!
First stores gift
The very first store gets you into the proper gear for hunting, with this cute Halloween t-shirt and some comfy jeans.  I was really impressed with these, since they are hand done and the texture on them is just fabulous.  I think I just found my favorite jeans and top!
Second stores gift
The second store gives you a handy purse to stuff all your goodies in, with a matching leopard print headband, collar, arm and leg wraps.  By jove, I think I'm starting to really look styling here.  That purse is adorable!
Third stores gift
With the third store, I'm no longer just styling in this number but, very hot and sexy looking.  Slap on some strappy sandals, a little necklace for glitter and I'm ready for anything in this.
Fourth Stores gift

Keeping in the Halloween mood, the fourth store was kind enough to gift us with this chair, table and crystal ball.  Looking deeply into my new crystal ball, I was able to determine that the hints for the following stores can be found here.  Wow, this thing is amazing!  I wonder if it would work for the lottery also and help give me a few really good numbers....I'll have to find that out later, since I have a hunt to finish still.
There is a large selection of hunts that are presently going on right now, from grid wide hunts to sim/store hunts.  To find a list of these hunts and more, I suggest dropping over to SL Hunts and checking them out.

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