Oct 11, 2010

A Store Called Bleh!

Today, when I logged into SL I had my usual group of announcements to go through.  As a rule, there is normally about 8-10 of them to scan and read.  It's normal, as is my normal practice of just scanning through the messages and notecards quickly and then depositing them into my inventory to glance through them later if I find more time.  Today I had one that seem to catch my attention.  It wasn't a notecard but, just a group message with a landmark to follow.  One of the members in the Huntaholics group had come across this quaint store and was kind enough to pass the information to the rest of us in the group.  
Curiousity piqued, since there was mention of some nice freebies to be found, I hopped on over to find not only a quaint store but, some really cute styles to drool and fawn over.  Yes, I now have a few more outfits in my burgeoning inventory but, that is besides the point.  Everything in this store is free.  I double checked and then triple checked to make sure that I was reading the prices right and it's true.
The designs are appealing, versatile pieces, that you can mix and match with ease, with other items that are already in your inventory.  There was leggings, casual pants, t-shirts(long and short sleeved), a lady bug costume, some sweet dresses..you get the general idea.  Unbelievably, it is all free and the quality is amazing.
I did have a little chat with the owner, Marcillia Bumblefoot and found that she is a new designer who loves to help people and is just a really nice lady, who is very talented.  She explained that her store is very new and that the one half is for the women, while the other half of the store, is waiting to be filled with the men's clothing that she is planning on doing in the near future.  Since she does not charge for the items in her store, she does rely on donations to help her but, that is on a voluntary basis and whatever you can afford to donate.  Since I did have alot of  fun shopping in her store, I did donate some L's, especially with the quality being so nice.
To give a little idea of the style of her clothes, I did take a few pictures to give an idea of a couple of the styles available in Bleh.
Long sleeve shirt w/leggings
Babydoll dress
As you can see, the style and quality of the textures are very good!  I highly recommend this store and look forward to seeing what she comes up with for the men's side.  Here is the limo for your trip and enjoy!

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