Aug 23, 2010

Time for the Men

Too often I have heard men mention in dismay that they are under represented in Second Life, for choices from clothing, hair, skin and accessories.  Well, today I went around collecting some urls for some of the men's stores that I did know about.  It's not a bad collection but, I know that there are many more with amazing designers that are out there.  Sadly, I have not discovered them..yet.  In time though, with the way I wander I will probably find more and I'll add them when I do. 

Mags Menswear Main store  simple basics, tees, jeans, prices not too bad
sLADE Men - A Place for Men  stylish, nicely done, mid-range in pricing
ISPACHI Mens Skins Shapes Eyes Fashion  Up to date, very nice, pricing reasonable, has everything for a  great makeover
M&M Men's and Women's Clothing  whole outfits at very great prices.  Sharp looking and hot!
Chinese Takeout  Very preppy style of clothing at fair prices, very nice quality
Klam Designs Main Store  Hot, Hot and very reasonably priced for the outfits, as are the skins and hair.
Boystown  relaxed style of clothing in the mid price range
King For Men  a good mix of styles from preppy to laid back with price tags that are fair.
RZR Clothing and Animations  Grunge/Neko look with decent prices
 /Wasabi Pills/Thibedeau/  some really great hair for males, especially for rping in for decent prices
Quidem  Casual and urban clothes for men at nice prices 
ROCX  grunge/Neko/urban at good pricing
[hoorenbeck]  a wide variety of men's shoes at various price ranges
Alphamale & Blacklace  suits, dressy casual, casual, variety of prices but, high in quality 
Bryce Designs Main Store  Hair store with a wide variety of styles and prices
T&A Designs  Neko/Urban punk/Goth Men's clothes on 3rd floor
V-TWINS Biker outfits  Biker clothes and Fashion with prices that vary
sf design Menswear  casual, business, suits, a very wide variety
sf design-High Society  tuxedos and formal wear
~MadeForYou~  casual, urban, grunge, neko
MADdesigns  shapes, hair, eyes, poses and male fashion.  Can be a little higher in prices but the quality make it worth it.
Maverick Designs  shapes.  Join their group for great freebies for members.
Signature Skins  it's exclusively male skins.  Higher in price but, the quality is just amazing.
~Hype~   some really great hair varieties, including a few really nice long styles 
Lapointe & Bastchild   Amazing quality but, with a heavy price tag for some items.  They do now however have a free area where previous styles have been placed with a wide variety of items to dress with.
MCP Designs   A really nice mens' store that has some great prices for clothing, eyes and skins.  The skins here that I seen are about 200L and very nicely done.
RFyre Gothic Couture Clothing   A variety of prices are available at this store but, the quality is really amazing.  You can pick up goth, rp costumes or just period pieces.

That is about it for the moment, though as I was putting these in here, I do recall a few other stores that I don't have in this list.  When I get a chance, I'll pop those ones in here also, including more for the gothic crowd as well.

Aug 22, 2010

Pondering the first days.

Since January 1st 2009, I have been wandering around and exploring all the wonderful things that Second Life could offer.  In that time, from the days of stumbling around as a newbie av to being able to finally move things without accidentally sending them to a distant sim, I have learned many things.  The first thing was that Second Life has a steep learning curve.  There is such an incredible amount of information in the beginning when you first log on, it can be both mind boggling and intimidating.  I still thank goodness for those wonderful volunteers and kind hearted individuals who have the patience of a saint, in dealing with the new residents that come in.  I was not alone in those days though, there were other newbies with me and they made those first days not only an adventure in learning but, some of my most hilarious memories are from then.  From poseball hoping to see what each one did, with my friend Andi to Leric getting his first job as a dancer in the Majestic, wearing mesh underwear.  To this day, Andi and I still laugh over the meshies.
My curiosity of SL was huge in those days and I was quick to try anything at least once, including a time of being in the game, Bloodlines.  Through that, I learned that clans equal drama, no matter which one you were in but, the friendships that you forge through them, stay strongly with you.
I also found a passion of just wandering around and looking at all the different things and sims that the other residents create in there.  There is such amazing creativity in there, that it still makes me sit and look in wonder on what people can do, given the right tools.
I guess the reason I've created this blog is to sort of write down my wanderings, maybe introduce something to someone else who may be interested and keep a running tab of where I have been.