Aug 22, 2010

Pondering the first days.

Since January 1st 2009, I have been wandering around and exploring all the wonderful things that Second Life could offer.  In that time, from the days of stumbling around as a newbie av to being able to finally move things without accidentally sending them to a distant sim, I have learned many things.  The first thing was that Second Life has a steep learning curve.  There is such an incredible amount of information in the beginning when you first log on, it can be both mind boggling and intimidating.  I still thank goodness for those wonderful volunteers and kind hearted individuals who have the patience of a saint, in dealing with the new residents that come in.  I was not alone in those days though, there were other newbies with me and they made those first days not only an adventure in learning but, some of my most hilarious memories are from then.  From poseball hoping to see what each one did, with my friend Andi to Leric getting his first job as a dancer in the Majestic, wearing mesh underwear.  To this day, Andi and I still laugh over the meshies.
My curiosity of SL was huge in those days and I was quick to try anything at least once, including a time of being in the game, Bloodlines.  Through that, I learned that clans equal drama, no matter which one you were in but, the friendships that you forge through them, stay strongly with you.
I also found a passion of just wandering around and looking at all the different things and sims that the other residents create in there.  There is such amazing creativity in there, that it still makes me sit and look in wonder on what people can do, given the right tools.
I guess the reason I've created this blog is to sort of write down my wanderings, maybe introduce something to someone else who may be interested and keep a running tab of where I have been.

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