Nov 8, 2010

Second Life Beta Viewer 2.3

I finally was able to get my computer up and running in a much better order and everything is finally updated (omg, can they come up with anymore updates??).  While I was loosing my mind, watching update after update loading up on my poor computer, I spent some considerable time wondering what to blog about next.  What adventure or exploration would be fun, interesting and new for me to do?  After I hit the 100th update, it dawned on me that I could do a little challenge for myself.  After reading thread after thread of differing opinions; regarding the Linden Labs newer viewer, I figured why not give it a go?  (Note:  No, watching all those updates go through, did not finally send me over the edge.)
When it was first introduced to the residents of Second Life, I did give it a quick try for about 1/2 an hour before shutting it off in fustration, uninstalling it and going straight back to the Snowglobe viewer.  I have to be blunt, it was a nightmare of a viewer and it just drove me crazy in that brief time, attempting to just figure out how to do the simplest things, like finding my groups and chatting with friends.  The camera controls; in that first viewer, was a massive turn off for me and was the deciding factor in my walking away from that viewer.
Since that first viewer, Linden Lab has done alot of work on it, attempting to make it more user friendly.  They have improved the issue with the chat, the ability to undock the sections of the side bar, fixed the camera controls (thank goodness for that one), put in the ability to morph your voice, shortened rez times down, and lately, given the ability to the residents to show different display names.  There is more but, I'm not going to go through the entire list of them and some I'm just going to have to learn about as I go along. 
Now the fun part:
1. Uninstall any other viewer and then download the Viewer 2.3 Beta from LL's site. (make sure everything from another viewer is completely gone from the computer, so that a clean install is done for the Viewer 2.3)
2. From Monday, Nov. 7th to 15th, exclusively use the LL's viewer only.  
3. Each day, I will document my experiences with the viewer, as I go around SL doing the normal things that I usually do, which is exploring and hunting.

I think that basically covers it, so let the fun begin!  Stay tuned for the Adventures of the Beta!

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