Jan 25, 2011

Where is the Men's things?

I was passed a note card today, that had some nice gifts exclusively for the men that was titled 2011 Men's gifts.  Terrific, eh?  Something for the guys at last!  It was not too bad of a list for the men, not overly long either.  This note card started me pondering on something that has bothered me before.  Where is all the men's stores with group gifts and freebies?  Where are all the men's stores located?  When you do a search for them, you come up with a few stores but, nothing near what is available out there for the women. 
I've travelled quite extensively in Second Life, always looks for beautiful things to appreciate, places to enjoy and interesting sites to be explored.  In my travels and through some of my groups I participate in, one thing I notice consistently is that many things appear to be heavily geared to the female base of Second Life.  I do understand that the women avatars outnumber the male avatars heavily but, does that mean that the male avatar's should not be catered to, at least a little more; than what they presently are right now?
I can go through Second Life, right now and fully dress a female avatar with ease, costing very little to my wallet, just off of group gifts, subscribo gifts, dollarbies and freebies and the end result will be appealing.  Try that with a male avatar though and it's more difficult. 
Myself personally, I'm going to start looking specifically for men's stores and malls.  Places where a man can go and find some good, quality items and some freebies, gifts or dollarbies to try out.
Keep in tuned..I'll post what I find here and try to build a decent list.

**Side note:  Yes, I do have a post that is dedicated to men but, it was awhile ago and it does need some updating.  I'm also looking for stores that seem to really focus more on the men than the women and does give out regular items as incentives or bonuses to their customers.**

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