Jan 13, 2011

Getting Spoiled by **Latte**

A little store I like to go to and drool over their creations, is **Latte**Why do I do that?  Because the creator is very talented and has a knack for figuring out what the customer wants.  The designs are appealing to the eye, feminine but, not overly frilly and it's very stylish. 
Right now, you can pick up some really nice group gifts at the store, which is free to join; to give you and idea of how the clothes will look on you.  I grabbed them while I was there and though I'm still an amateur with the camera, I hopefully did them create.
The only thing that is not from the store is the jeans, which was a gift from Woe during the holidays.  You get a nice selection of tights, the cute jacket, a light beige cardigan set, which I paired with the fur lined jacket.  The black dress is from the Xmas gift, which is still available.  The newest gift though is the chocolate one in the upper corner put with the burgundy tights, which is just too cute for words.  The purple sweater dress is perfect for the cold weather and stylishly semi-casual and great to wear as a dress or use as an oversized sweater teamed with some leggings.
As usual, I used hair from Truth in my pictures and the boots are from Mary Jane shoes, where I picked up their group gift which went perfect with the chocolate dress.

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