Jan 4, 2011

Groups of SL

For the longest time, residents of SL have been asking, begging and pleading to have a larger group allowance.  Originally, when Second life was still in it's earlier days, there was a limit of 15 groups that you can join.  Eventually over time, Linden Labs increased the amount that you could join to 25 and that is where it has stayed for quite awhile.  Many have found that with the increase of people and places, the 25 group limit is no longer enough.
Thankfully, back on October 14th, 2010, FJ Linden blogged on the Second Life site that there was an increase in the works to up the limit to a 40 group allowance.  Many of the residences were not only happy to hear that there is an increase in the future but, glad that their complaints, at least in this; had been finally heard.
At the time of the announcement, no date was mentioned, since they were still far enough away from the actual event to give a date.  
Recently, there has been mention that in the first week of January, it will be getting very busy and there has been hints that the increase of the 40 group limit is right on the horizon.  Sadly though, we still do not have a precise date though.
Myself personally, I am going to really enjoy having more options.  I'm personally tired of joining and having to leave groups, so that I can make more room for other groups or not even being able to join because I'm fully packed up to my limit.
During the holiday season, I was joining and then leaving groups, in the search for group gifts and freebies.  Alas, now that the season is over, some of those very groups who were free, have a charge to them, which in some cases, are a little too rich for my blood and wallet.  I don't mind groups with a 10L-50L fee in order to discourage spammers but, when the fee is over 200L-1000L, all I do is just shake my head and walk away.
Alas, there is nothing that can be done about it, it's the decision of the group owners but, I do wish Linden Lab would have hurried up and implemented the increase before the holiday season was over, it would have been a fabulous gift to the residents.

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