Feb 21, 2011

Relationships In-World

I ran into writers block, where the mind freezes and the words absolutely freeze in your brain.  Nothing comes out, no matter how hard you work on it and the more you try, the worse it gets.  My best friend in Second Life asked me how my blog was going and I told her what was going on.  She brought up the subject of relationships, which lead the two of us into a lengthy and thought provoking conversation.
How real is an SL relationship?  For her and I, we view each other as not only friends but, best friends.  We discuss things together that tend to be more soul searching than you would sometimes do in RL.  Do I know her?  Without hesitation, I can say I do though we have never met in person and she knows me probably better than most.
How does this happen you may wonder?  In SL, everyone is on the same level basically in looks..we are all gorgeous and young..or most though I have meet a troll once that was cute as the dickens.  You get the idea though.  In SL, it's the exclusive meeting of minds that occurs.  Stripped away is the nuances of body language, appearance and is solely the arena where the mind and personality reigns.
To have a friendship like Claire and I have, it does take time though we did click from the first, we have evolved from those days and our friendship has blossomed through good times and bad.  We have shared adventures in discovery in SL, gone through rocky relationships, dealt with crisis in RL together and laughed till we were crying with our own antics. At one point, we were even partnered together and to this day, I still say that she was my very best partner. 
Speaking of partners, there is another relationship aspect that some wonder on how real it can be.  I've seen it where it became real.  Beach and Fairy come to mind right away when I think of love stories in SL that worked.  They did meet in SL and they feel in love there.  In time they did meet in RL and they are very happily married with a darling little child now.  Is there love for each other real?  Oh yes, it sure is and they are one of the sweetest couples I was ever blessed in meeting.
Not all relationships do work like Beach and Fairy's did but there is a few out there that do.  The key to it though is that both sides have to be upfront, honest and not bother with any of silly duplicities.  It also takes time, because you do have to learn about each other, really get to know that other person to know if it's real. 
Both friendships and romances in SL are possible but, the people involved must being willing to put the time, effort and honesty into it.  If you can do that, then you can create some of the most amazing and lasting relationships with some of the most interesting people.  People that without SL, you may never have had the chance to meet so when you do get the opportunity to have one of these friends..go for it, for you will be all the more blessed in having that person in your life.  I know I am.  Claire remember...I still love you more than my MP3 player!  lol

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