Feb 12, 2011

Hunting tips and Etiquette

I've actually lost count on how many hunts I've participated in, though from the looks of my inventory, I would feel safe in saying that I have done over 30.  Yeah, I'm a huntaholic and I love it!  It's a fabulous way to pass the time, a terrific manner in which to discover new stores/sims and to meet people who are not only helpful but super friendly.  Then there are the gifts, which I love to find and open later, making it feel like Xmas over and over again to me. (Yeah, I'm a kid at heart!)
While hunting through the grid or doing sim hunts, I have learned a few tips and helpful hints that have helped me keep hunting fun and enjoyable this whole time.
  1. Find a hunt that you will enjoy first.  I love being in Huntaholics and More, since each month they give out a list of upcoming hunts. (Great big thank you to Gavyn, Bestat and everyone else from HAM's, for all the work they do on that list).  
  2. Before heading out for the first store, dump the high prim hair, shoes with the scripts, the high detail clothes and find a pair of jeans and tshirt to wear.  It really does help cut down on the lag and it will make it much easier to move around without lugging the extra prims on your av.
  3. If there is a group for the hunt, join it.  If there is missing or broken LM's or hunt item, they will announce that in group notices and if you need a little help, it's the perfect place to ask in.
  4. Upon landing, move off the landing point area and then let the store rezz.  Be patient because what may not have rezzed, could be the hunt item itself.  I've seen it happen, where I went off in search of the item, only to find it about 20 minutes later right next to the landing spot.
  5. While hunting, keep the hunt group chat open.  If you run into a store where you are stumped, check to see if anyone may have been stumped there also.  If not, when you pose your question, mention the number of the store, the name and see if there may be another hint for that particular store.  Do NOT ask for the actual location, you won't get it.  After asking be patient, someone will eventually help.
  6. One thing I like to do is a little walk around, some creators will put the hunt item in a super obvious spot, which you can overlook if you focus too much on just very hidden spots.  On one hunt, a few of us spent over 30 minutes looking for the hunt object, only to realize that the bell we were looking for, had been really enlarged and was the "dome" we had landed under.  (She had even put pillars around it, it was just brilliant!  lol)
  7. Don't forget that you are on a hunt, so you will have to look under things, into nooks, crannies and corners.  Be patient with yourself and don't rush it, it's suppose to be fun after all.
  8. If you are hunting with a group of friends, do not yell in open chat when you find it.  Go into group IM, which can make the hunting even more fun.
  9. When you finish the hunt, don't forget to thank the group for help and the creators for their time and gifts.  They do appreciate it alot, when they get some nice feedback.
  10. If you find a gift that is not to your liking, just quietly delete it.  Do not go into group chat and complain.  It's just bad form and what you may not like, someone else may.
  11. After unpacking everything, remember to organize it in your inventory neatly.  If you do enough hunts, you will find that being organized is very important.
Remember, hunts are suppose to be a fun and great way of passing the time in SL.  Respect for yourself and other hunters around you, go a long way in insuring that everyone has a terrific time.  Lastly, if you find you have to open a gift to get the next lm, remember to pick it up before you leave, it's just courtesy to clean up after yourself.
If you are new to hunting, a fabulous list to get is the one that Huntaholics and More sends out each month.  In that notecard, you will find all the information for each hun, the starting points and when the hunt begins and ends.  The group is free to join and filled with alot of very helpful people.  Happy hunting and enjoy!

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