Sep 22, 2010

New Resident Time

Usually the population of Second Life starts to increase at this time of the year.  With the upcoming fall and then winter season, we normally see an influx of new residents arriving, due to people now staying indoors more due to the seasons.  It's at this time that you also start to see the freebie lists passed around much more.  Stores which are set up with the new residents in mind, there to help them upgrade their avatars out of the newbie stage and into a more attractive avatar.  These stores are filled with product that has been donated to them by generous creators who wish to help out a new resident.  You can pick up hair, clothes, shoes, AO's (helps you walk a little more gracefully), and a plethora of different items that you may find handy to have in your exploration and time in SL.
Before I go too far with this and start the list that I have collected of freebie stores, I will give one warning, garnered through experience.  There is no limit to an avatars inventory, which can be both a blessing and a very bad thing.  When you first start out in SL, going through the freebie stores can not only be alot of fun but, addictive and a disaster on ones inventory.  If you go out freebie shopping and just splurge, as a friend of mine and myself did in our first days of SL, you will realize before long that you should attempt to keep your inventory somewhat organized as you splurge and binge on freebies.  We went nutz for the first week and to this day, I still occasionally find a little gem from those days, lingering around in my inventory in the darnedest places.  It took us forever to clean up that mess we created in our inventories so I can only say...organize, organize and deletion of things you will not need is advisable.
Now onto the list that I have.  With this list, I have it sort of organized..yes there is that word again.  The first part of the list is for upgrading, beautifying and the pleasure of your avatar.  The second part is for those who wish to try their hand at being creative in SL.  It's places I have found that are for the future builders and creators.
 .::Freebie Island::.
Freebie Market
Freebies @ The Rock
The Yard at Honie Island
Freebies Gratuit Shop
Freebie Dungeon
Help Island Public 
Freebie World
Gnubie Store 

Builder's Brewery  Classes and material are available here
oe0's Warehouse   Free items but you have to look for it
Build Better at Happy Hippo   free and low priced building supplies
Phoenix free Scripts  just touch the boxes to receive the contents in them
Freebie for Builders  mostly free with a few items at $1L
Sound shop  $0L - $50L sounds, textures, etc.
SL Free Script Library  
As I go around, I collect more as I wander but, these are some of the best ones that I have seen so far.  There is also groups that you can locate through searching for them, thru the group tab in Search.  Fabulously Free in SL, which I am a member in, is where residents call out specials and freebies through the group chat as they find them. Wonderfully friendly and warm group of individuals who are not only helpful but, terrific to chat with.  They also have their own website, which you can browse through for items and news on what is going on.  They are located here.
There is so much that goes on when you are new in Second life, that it's almost impossible to cover it all but, I think in the next few posts to follow, I will be adding more regarding life as a new resident.

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