Sep 20, 2010

Hunts! Hunts! And yes, More Hunts!

The one thing that I love to do more than anything in SL is to hunt.  It's a wonderful pastime where you will find some of the nicest and most friendly people.  What it entails is either a sim hunt(one sim involved) or a grid hunt(several sims involved) and you are searching for a specific item that is hidden.  When you locate the item, you buy it for either $0L or you touch it and a script instructs the item to give you a gift.  In a grid hunt, you will get the gift and also a landmark, to where the next gift can be found.
Hunts are a great manner in which to get familiarized with second life and get some really nice things when you are new to that world.  I've recommended them to new residents frequently, as a cheap method to obtain things to upgrade their avatars.
When I first came to second life, I was introduced to hunts by a few friends I had made.  At that time, hunts were not as heavily around, as they are now, so we usually spent some time, just looking for a hunt to enjoy.  Now though, hunts are a very popular and well known past time to many.  To find ongoing hunts takes very little time and in fact you can locate several groups easily through group search that are dedicated to hunting. The ones that I am involved in is the Happy Hunters, Huntaholics and More, Hunters Group, Hunt Addiction and Hy Hunters.
The Huntaholics and More group is actually the group where each month, thanks to members of the group, you can receive a list of upcoming hunts for the next month. (thank you Gavyn, Bestat and all who help feed our addiction!)  It takes alot of work and dedication and each month these intrepid searchers locate as many hunts as they can find for the hunt list.
Not only is there groups dedicated to this fun past time but, blogs and sites are also set up for these hunts.
SL Discovery
SL Hunts Calendar
The Hunt Locations
SL Hunts
These are just my personal favorites and I know that there are many more out there but, there seem to be the ones that let me know what I need to help feed my addiction...I mean my hobby. ;P
Well, I know that there is several hunts going right now, so I'm off in search of wonders, gifts and oh yes, new things to see! 

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